Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours

As a small token of our affection for our clients, friends and colleagues who make us feel grateful that we get to do what we love, the K&A team put together a compilation of our favorite family recipes.

“Right at Home Recipes” lives online, too, for anyone to browse or download. From main courses to decadent desserts to mixed drinks, there’s  a little bit of everything in here.

We hope you’ll try these dishes – perfect for the holiday season – and by doing so, allow us to be included within your own celebrations. You may view the recipe book by clicking the image to the left.

I wish you all a relaxing, memory-filled holiday… with delicious turkey!

From our family to yours…have a happy, healthy and joyous Thanksgiving.

On Family…and Turkey

Besides the fact that my father makes THE BEST turkey… seriously, I challenge any 5-star chef to take him on…Thanksgiving for me always comes down to one thing: family. (OK, two things: turkey and family – a group of people I can’t get enough of.) That’s not to say I go without the typical stresses of a parent, but I’ve found lately that when I have special moments of genuine family time, those stresses are lessened.

In fact, those worries and frustrations that come with parent territory are the very things that allow for the small, happy moments to shine so bright. Especially throughout the last several years of watching my children grow, I am grateful for healthy, energetic kids.

This year – as much as it saddens me to miss out on dad’s turkey – my wife and I are fortunate enough to take our kids to Italy for the holiday. Not only will it be a time away from work e-mails, conference calls and the daily sprint of hauling kids to and from school, drama class and softball, but we’ll get the chance to share a distinct cultural experience together. Words can’t accurately describe my anticipation for the time I’ll be spending with my family this week. Maybe it won’t be spent around a crowded dinner table with relatives and traditional dishes, but it will be spent with those I love.

The feeling I’m anticipating of togetherness, comfort and support is something I also strive to infuse in our own agency every day. There’s a reason I make “Right at Home” our mantra. It’s how you should feel when with family…the many families you have. It means everything.

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