Simple Wishes for Whirled Peas

Posted by Steve Kleber on Dec 21, 2010

Let’s Blog Off asks…if money were no object, what would be the perfect gift? Whether it’s for yourself or for somebody else, what thing would you give that you won’t or can’t give now?

I’d give whirled peas. And that is no typo. Perhaps we will never see the day that North and South Korea or Palestine and Israel see eye to eye, but at least we would all have enough to eat!

All joking aside, recent estimates tell us that that 925 million people worldwide are undernourished. If money were no object, I’d have no choice but to do something about it.

Ironically, abundance, not scarcity, best describes the world’s food supply. Enough food is produced worldwide to provide every person 3,500 calories a day (318 pea pods), far more than most people need. The scarcity comes as a result of poverty and general availability.

So how does one begin to help with relief? I believe that it begins by helping one person or family. Imagine if we reached out to help just one person each day. The gift of health and nutrition is one of the most precious gifts that I could imagine sharing.

Warm wishes for a happy holiday and of course,  Peas on earth.

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  1. First, the image at the top makes me smile. Secondly, not only a noble cause but one I actually touched on today. I sometimes fill in as an after school teacher at a local elementary school, and the kids today complained of having to eat steamed carrots with lunch. Obviously, the idea of global hunger cannot be explained to children, but having seen it first hand, it’s hard not to try.

  2. SO very true- sometimes we fail to see that the solution to the big picture is everyone taking just a small step.

    Great post!