Northstar 1945 Beverage Refrigerator from Elmira Stove Works

One of the best parts of summer is spending time with your family and friends enjoying a cold beverage on a hot day. Most recently, Elmira Stove Works introduced the new Northstar 1945 Beverage Refrigerator, the perfect addition to your cottage, cabin or entertaining room!

Elmira Stove Works 1945 Beverage Refrigerator

Elmira Stove Works 1945 Beverage Refrigerator

This new addition to Elmira’s Northstar product line combines the iconic look of a 1945 style appliance, with the modern features of a contemporary appliance. The 3.3 cubic foot fridge can store up to 120 cans of your favorite beverage, and comes equipped with variable temperature control, interior lighting and a retro porthole window.

You can even inscribe your new fridge with the classic summer mantra: “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”

For more information, please visit the Elmira website.


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