Marketing to Gen-Y: The Crystal Ball

Posted by Steve Kleber on May 28, 2010

Gen-Y: The Crystal Ball

On MediaPost Publications’ “Marketing Daily” Scott Galloway, New York University Stern clinical associate professor of marketing, calls Gen-Yers a ‘crystal ball’ when it comes to predicting a brand’s long-term success. Some names that top the list? Chanel, Cartier and, not surprisingly, BMW and Audi. So how do we in the home building industry reach this massive audience? In the retail realm, believe it or not, the physical retail store and print publications still hold sway. Read more at:

Gen-Y to Bring Another Boom?

According to Consumer Specialist Ric Romero, If there is going to be another housing boom it may be because of Generation Y. Those are the people born between 1982 and 1995 and there are about 75 million of them…far outnumbering the first “Baby Boomers.”  To quote Steve Ruffener, President of KB Homes, “They’re really focused on not having rules and not being told how they can live.”

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