Feeney Vertical Gardening Trellis from The Trellis Collection

A popular summertime trend that may be of interest to our readers is vertical gardening. The Trellis Collection from Feeney, Inc. is the perfect way to easily and comfortably garden at home, even in a yard-less environment. Perfect for growing climbing plants in small areas, trellises increase your growing space by directing vine growth upward, instead of sprawling across the ground.

Feeney Trellis Collection

Feeney Trellis Collection

The 3-in-1 Trellis by Feeney is a wall-mounted trellis that can be easily assembled into one of three designs and is made from 316-grade stainless steel for weather durability and lasting beauty.

Another trellis that can be mounted on walls as well as fences is the Somerset II Trellis. It features powder-coated aluminum top and bottom brackets that can be spaced from two to six feet apart to allow for a variety of wall heights. Multiple kits can be used in conjunction with one another to create wider trellises.

If you are more interested in creating a living privacy wall for your balcony, deck or patio, check out the Greenway Trellis from Feeney. This freestanding trellis has a durable, powder-coated aluminum frame and a beautiful stainless steel cable and rod vine lattice.

With Feeney’s Trellis Collection, you can effortlessly maintain your vegetables as they grow on the trellis, and quickly spot ripe crops to harvest immediately for the afternoon or evening family meal. Growing plants vertically may also add protection from pests and diseases. Aspiring trellis gardeners may visit the Feeney website for more information on purchasing the Trellis Collection direct from Feeney; as well as see photos, installation instructions and other useful information.

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