Feeney Intermediate Picket Makes CableRail Installation Even Easier

Homeowners desiring an unobstructed view for their decks, porches and balconies use slender CableRail cable assemblies from Feeney, Inc.  The company’s new pre-drilled Intermediate Picket was developed to make installing CableRail on wood stair or level railings even easier.

The Feeney Intermediate Picket

The Feeney Intermediate Picket

“The new Feeney Intermediate Picket gives our customers an easier way to build a railing frame that will properly maintain cable spacing while keeping the open, unobtrusive look of CableRail,” said Andrew Penny, vice president of marketing.

Each picket is made from high-strength aluminum and includes all the necessary components and parts for installation. Feeney Intermediate Picket makes CableRail installation a smooth process! For more information, please visit the Feeney website.


Image via Feeney

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