Designer-Curated Collections

In the past, interior designers rarely created for the outdoors because the options were so limited. However, Danver’s innovative approach of creating stainless steel cabinetry with powder coated finishes and a variety of door styles bringing color, style and design from the indoors out makes us unique in the market and a favorite of designers.  Today, interior designers are at home in the backyard (and other places outdoors) too.

We are proud to be affiliated with Northern California-based Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.


Kerrie offers this curated collection to help inspire you!

Kerrie Kelly is the creative director and principal of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Specializing in residential and commercial design, Kerrie and her team have cultivated relationships with prominent design industry brands creating products for well-known manufacturers including Cosentino, TileBar, Feizy Rugs, 42nd Street, Zeev Lighting, and Guildery (now Minted). Injecting her cool and sophisticated California style into every facet of her design process, Kerrie has developed an aesthetic that speaks to her company’s tagline—Everyone Deserves Great Design. TM

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