Drawer/Door Grill Cabinets

Door/Drawer Grill Base Cabinets are available in widths from 27” to 62”. Depending on size, they will vary from 2 drawers and 1 door to up to 4 drawers and 1 door with almost every possible configuration in between.




Grill bases are specified 6” wider than grill width. Include grill brand and specifications for quote or with order. A “trim kit” is specifically designed for each appliance to insure a proper fit.

781a66aafbbecc178f027566ad1ddded_f311Standard outdoor cabinet depth is 27 7/8”. Total height is 34 1/2” — cabinet box is 30”H plus 4 1/2” adjustable legs. A tapered stainless steel leg with adjustable foot is also available for an open contemporary look. Black and stainless “toe kick” are ordered separately and cut on-site. Stainless pulls are included. Stationary and pull-out shelves are available.

For extra depth cabinets, specify “V” instead of the “O” in the item #. For example VGB3302. D- designation for extra vertical space for grills that need it.

OGB3621: 36” Grill Base Cabinet w/2 doors for 30” wide grill

Appliance Type   Style   Width   Drawer(s)   Door(s)
OG                  B           36              2                  1




7d91f60042a3e003ac05b6dfca214721_f2382 Drawer/1 Door

  • OGB3321
  • OGB3621
  • OGB4821D
  • OGB4221
  • OGB4221D
  • OGB4821
  • OGB4821D

2 Drawer/2 Door

  • OGB5422
  • OGB5822
  • OGB5822D
  • OGB6222

4 Drawer/1 Door

  • OGB5441
  • OGB5841
  • OGB6241

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