Trash/Specialty Inserts

Danver Inserts offer landscape architects, masonry kitchen island designers & fabricators and contractors a complete line of door, door/drawer, drawer combinations and “pullouts” to construct a totally functional kitchen.

Doors exhibit the same quality, “heft and weight” and solid close as the Danver cabinet line allowing the inserts and cabinets to be mixed and matched in masonry islands while retaining a consistent “look”. Our Accessory Inserts offer the consumer convenient trash disposal, propane storage and a paper towel dispenser. Just what is needed in the outdoor kitchen environment.




750282002d056b6d16ad37556b5d7986_f508ITEM#: ITR1725
DESCRIPTION: IDR1725 Frame with Trash Pull Out
CUT OUT SIZE: 14 5/8″W x 23 1/2″H




220264d310ab4cb282450f5c517eb90f_f504ITEM#: IPR1725
DESCRIPTION: IDR1725 Frame with Propane Pull Out
CUT OUT SIZE: 14 5/8″W x 23 1/2″H





b239d0d4e32b7a181cbef340e0514d36_f506ITEM#: IPT1711
DESCRIPTION: 17″W x 11″H Paper Towel Dispenser
CUT OUT SIZE: 15 1/2″W x 8 5/8″H



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