BBQ Island Insert Cabinets

Barbecue Islands have been evolving over the past few years. With the growth in homeowners adding Outdoor Living and Entertaining Areas in their backyards, more fully functional Outdoor Kitchens have been replacing the traditional Barbecue Islands.


Many people still like the idea of stone, stucco or masonry islands, but the traditional stainless inserts lack functionality. The trend now is to build a surround from the island materials, but to insert stainless cabinets instead to create a fully functioning outdoor kitchen.

A built-in backyard BBQ turns a patio or pool into a home resort.

Landscape architects, landscape contractors, pool builders, stone masons and remodeling contractors often recommend an island design to complete patio and pool areas. Recently, these professionals have begun to recommend stainless cabinets in their island designs to some of their clients and stainless island inserts to others depending on their clients’ desires.

Excellent outdoor cooking

Traditional Barbecue islands fare well when space is limited. However, where the homeowner likes to entertain, a more fully functioning outdoor kitchen is more appropriate. With a kitchen, food preparation, drink making and serving and everyone “hanging out” becomes part of the fun. We are proud to have supplemented our line of stainless steel cabinetry with an excellent line of:

  • outdoor grills
  •  side burners
  •  power burners
  • charcoal cookers
  • outdoor refrigerators
  • outdoor beer dispensers
  • accessories

Stainless adds long life to your barbecue islands

Because it’s an investment to have masonry or other materials built-in, it is cost-effective to complete the design with stainless steel grills, burner units, doors, drawers and shelves that deliver long life. Our stainless products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Decision, decisions: do you go with electricity, gas or charcoal?

The subject of the fuel for barbecue islands or outdoor kitchens often stirs intense debate. There is no single answer; some think food prepared over one kind of heat tastes better than another. It may also come down to how quickly the grill is hot and ready to go.

Built-in electric grills are the best choice where gas and charcoal are not allowed, like on terraces or balconies.
Built-in Gas Grills with Infrared Burners have become popular because they heat up quickly and cook at very high temperatures. These are available in Propane or Natural Gas models. Wood chips may be added for extra flavor. For large parties, gas proves a popular choice because it can handle big parties.
Built-in Charcoal Grills produce the smoky flavor associated with barbecuing . Charcoal is for the purist. They require maintenance to deal with ashes.
Built-in Ceramic Cookers are becoming more and more popular for slow cooking and smoking. They make a good choice as a second grill in conjunction with using an infrared grill for direct heat cooking.

The Side Burner
Side burners allow preparation of side dishes and food warming, eliminating running back into the house kitchen. We offer side burners fueled with propane or natural gas, and electricity.

The Power Burner
People are surprised to find that their side burners cannot boil a large stockpot of water! They are just not powerful enough. And many times homeowners specifically put in an outdoor kitchen to cook lobsters, crabs, crawfish and other things that smell up their house. A power burner puts out enough heat to get the job done.

You can be every bit as organized as with a complete outdoor kitchen when you add storage components to barbecue islands.

  • Single, double or triple drawers
  • A Clean-Stor box which acts like a cabinet behind the frame and door insert
  • Propane tank / trash drawer – a drawer that opens up to hold a propane tank or trash can
  • Shelves

Barbecue islands add value to a home and pleasure to outdoor entertaining Call toll free 203-269-2300 for expert design assistance.


Danver Inserts offer landscape architects, masonry kitchen island designers & fabricators and contractors a complete line of door, door/drawer, drawer combinations and “pullouts” to construct a totally functional kitchen.
We provide the stainless steel cabinets and outdoor cooking components for barbecue islands worldwide.

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