Ceramic Smoker–Egg Cabinets

Appliance cabinets have been designed to accommodate side burners, gourmet power burners in both standard height and new low version for “boils”, refreshment/bartending centers, sear pods, pizza ovens, egg smoker grills, etc.




Appliance bases are specified 6” wider than appliance width. Include manufacturer’s name and specifications for quote or with order. A “trim kit” is specifically designed for every major manufacturer’s appliance to insure a proper fit. Standard appliance cabinet depth is 27 7/8”. Total height is 34 1/2”, same as storage cabinets. Stainless pulls are included.

84cc11f8ef4796db1fbffcecac1d3997_f459OEB Cabinets have additional support for the weight of the smoker grill eggs (up to & over 200 lbs.).



  • OEB2702 H22
  • OEB3302 H22


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