Appliance Cabinets

Appliance cabinets have been designed to accommodate side burners, gourmet power burners in both standard height and new low version for “boils”, bartending/cocktail stations, sear pods, pizza ovens, egg smoker grills, etc.




Appliance bases are specified 6” wider than appliance width. Include manufacturer’s name and specifications for quote or with order. A “trim kit” is specifically designed for every major manufacturer’s appliance to insure a proper fit.
Standard appliance cabinet depth is 27 7/8”. Total height is 34 1/2”, same as storage cabinets. Stainless pulls are included.
Extra depth cabinets are available in most every size to accommodate those specialty cooking appliances that require.

0e3e3ac1deb7316e2af058c84ad50859_f448Danver not only has stainless steel cabinetry for the most coveted cooking appliances and bartending centers on the market, we also sell them. Whether you want Alfresco, Viking, Solaire, Saffire, Tuscan Chef, Glastender Home and others, we offer them under one roof so to speak.

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