Cooling / Bartending

The convenience of a refrigerator integrated into your outdoor kitchen is a must, regardless of climate. Models and brands perform at different levels of effectiveness based on the surrounding environment. There are also a variety of styles and features available to suite your taste and needs, including two-drawer units, glass fronts and those with panels that match your Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens or Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens cabinets. Our in-house experts can guide your decision on brand, features and style.

Bartending systems are among the most popular features in today’s outdoor entertainment spaces. Whether you want to add a kegerator, a wine cooler or a complete bartending outfit, we can help complete the project with several options, including sinks and faucets.

The recommended brands that we distribute are listed, but regardless of your cooling choice, your entertainment space will look fabulous.


The brands we recommend and distribute include:

True | Alfresco | Coyote | Solaire |  Glastender | Hoshizaki | Summit

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