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International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta Draws Large Crowd

The next stop in Kleber & Associates’ 2014 summer media tour was a homecoming for the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta held August 20-23. Regarded as one of the largest trade shows in the world, IWF features more than 1,000 exhibitors in the woodworking industry regardless of size or scale. It’s this unique component that makes IWF one of the more fun shows each year. Artisans, handcrafting turned bowls or chiseled furniture, share the same floor space as multi-million dollar CNC machines that can churn out thousands of pieces in an hour. It’s an excellent opportunity to see and experience an entire industry under one roof.

We were also pleased to see the continued positive energy and increased attendance at IWF like we’ve seen all year at trade shows nationwide since IBS in January. A slow, albeit steady, economic recovery certainly plays a role, but it’s also people getting back to work that is fueling the renewed optimism we feel.


Despite the smell of sawdust permeating the air, the K&A team challenged itself to find companies offering unique alternative materials to highlight. We walked the halls of the World Congress Center and found three we felt brought some truly innovative products.

As one of America’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel cabinetry. Danver provides a chic, stylish alternative to traditional wood cabinetry by forgoing wood completely in favor of state-of-the-art stainless steel; Danver provides custom and standard powder coated finishes and treatments for their stainless steel products that will enrich and accent any project. With both outdoor and indoor applications, the company has set the standard of the blend of contemporary looks and innovation in outdoor living.  We loved the use of a steel application in multiple color options –  it helps marry the home’s décor to the outside living area but with year-round durability.

Blum Inc.
Blum’s new LEGRABOX, a line of stainless steel cabinets and cabinet products, are built to meet the latest trends and demands of consumers seeking professional grade performance but fashionable design. LEGRABOX features a new, sleek design using modern materials like aluminum and stainless steel with matte color finishes. Featuring its own smooth closing BLUMOTION technology, Blum guarantees a silent close every time. LEGRABOX also features several organizational tools such as inner pull outs and removable boxes in the drawers, giving users multiple options for storage optimization. We expect LEGRABOX to be a standout product in 2015 and in the future.

A long-time favorite of K&A, Rev-A-Shelf always brings an innovative suite of products to their trade show booth, For IWF, the company was highlighting its lineup of Tresco Lighting enhancements for cabinets in a variety of installation configurations. With cutting edge LED advances, Rev-A-Shelf is able to illuminate previously shaded storage areas for easier use and access.

Rev-A-Shelf  of course had their legendary kitchen cabinet products and designs on display as well. Several of their designs feature smooth open and close drawers, state-of-the-art pull downs and pull outs featuring dynamic hinges utilizing previously unusable space. A new drawer mounted utensil and knife organizer was a crowd favorite.


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Industry Expert Announces Fall Remodeling Trends – Furniture, Organization and “Retro” Styling

Steve Kleber, president of the National Remodeling Foundation, shares his personal insight on how homeowners are embracing furniture, organization and “retro” styling for upcoming remodeling projects:

Vanity by Ronbow

Vanity by Ronbow

Homeowners today are selecting furniture that has the strength of character powerful enough to set the interior design style, color, texture and mass for the whole space, even in the bathroom. Pursuing the ever-elusive dream of finding more storage space and increased organization leads many homeowners to discover advanced closet systems. For those seeking to achieve self-expression in their remodeling projects, many find the latest “retro” styled appliances, complete with more bells and whistles than ever before.

“A recovering economy has boosted homeowners’ confidence in their property values,” says Steven Kleber, president of the National Remodeling Foundation. “Accordingly, we’re seeing them excited to invest in high-quality, luxury home and outdoor living products with a reasonable expectation for a return on that investment.”

Graff AmetisDocce 016

‘Ametis’ Shower System by GRAFF

Furniture Expands the Foundation for Interior Design
While purchasing a new dining room table or sofa certainly has been an easy way to update a home’s interior design for living spaces, homeowners today now are applying this same strategy to the bathroom. High quality bathroom furniture, such as a vanity by Ronbow, is becoming the central focus from which consumers are crafting bathroom renovation plans, much like couture designers who build a fashion runway collection. As such, if the bathroom vanity is the new “little black dress” of bathroom design, then GRAFF faucets and shower systems are the accessories. With a wide array of high design, high function faucets such as the award-winning Ametis collection, GRAFF products function as “jewelry” that accentuates the bath furniture.


Hanging Half Cabinets by WoodTrac


Design in Unexpected Places
Organization is frequently at the top of the list of desired renovations, leading many homeowners to invest in built-in systems installed in existing closets. WoodTrac closet systems are customizable to virtually any closet size. These easy-to-install wood grain closet systems offer significant cost savings over traditional white melamine alternatives.


Ceiling by WoodTrac

Ceiling by WoodTrac

Woodtrac also offers suspended and direct-mount wood ceiling paneling which is gaining increased popularity in residential applications. The paneling can be applied over any ceiling surface and creates a look of luxurious, custom-crafted three-dimensional ceilings at a fraction of the cost of expensive trim carpentry and coffered millwork.

Aren’t All Refrigerators Cool?
Yes, functionally speaking, all refrigerators do provide a cool factor – that’s what they are designed to do. Yet, Fridge1950_Redtoday’s consumer is demanding more from their traditional kitchen appliance. In fact, many homeowners wish to express their style through their kitchen equipment and find these appliances the perfect icons to help define their personalities. Elmira Northstar refrigerators boast a retro, mid-century inspired design while remaining technologically up to date with energy efficient performance. These fridges are available in nine not-so-standard colors, or can be customized to meet any customer’s color aesthetic.

“Homeowners are no longer satisfied with their living space, or the furniture and appliances within, serving only a functional purpose,” says Steven Kleber, president of the National Remodeling Foundation. “Today’s homeowner wants a whole-home experience completely reflective of them and flexible to fit their lifestyle.”


Kleber & Associates is an Atlanta-based integrated marketing communications agency serving the home and building products industry for 25 years. Visit the Kleber & Associates website for the latest news and information about marketing for home and building products for consumers, architects, builders, remodelers, designers and manufacturers. Through our marketing, advertising, public relations and digital marketing expertise — we build better brands that build a better home.

Homeowners Choosing Popular Upgrades as the Economy Recovers

In this current recovery, homeowners are becoming more confident, demonstrating pent-up demand for home and building products. The remodeling industry is experiencing a steady uptick, as the nation’s recovering economy encourages renewed homeowner investment. Following one of the most significant plunges in the U.S. real estate channel’s history, homeowners are now opting to consider their existing space for their residential upgrades.

“During past recessions we experienced mortgage applications declining while interest rates rose resulting in a drop of new homes being constructed,” explains Steven Kleber, president of the National Remodeling Foundation. “Remodeling permits by contrast during those cycles traditionally increased, as homeowners sought to capture equity in the rising values of their homes. However, during the most recent housing crisis, remodeling permits simultaneously decreased in concert with new home construction as foreclosures and declining home values combined negatively to shake homeowner confidence. The good news is we’re finally seeing evidence of that long anticipated turn around.”

In fact, The Conference Board this week reported that their July Consumer Confidence Index soared to 90.9, the highest level since October 2007 while they forecast that the trend was likely to continue.

Stainless Steel and the “Pro-sumer”
A new type of consumer – the “pro-sumer” – has emerged during this current wave of remodeling. These homeowners desire commercially proven, professional grade products that are fabricated and re-purposed for specific residential applications.

Feeney, Inc. LED Rail Light Kits for DesignRail

Feeney, Inc. LED Rail Light Kits for DesignRail

For example, the Feeney, Inc. LED Rail Light Kits for DesignRail® provide unique illumination for outdoor living environments for consumers looking no further than their own backyards for home space to improve. Originally designed for use on sea-faring vessels to resist nature’s destructive forces upon sails, Feeney’s stainless steel CableRail railing products are finding a new market among homeowners who desire attractive deck railing that won’t impede views of their landscape.

Danver Outdoor Kitchens

Danver Outdoor Kitchens



Stainless Steel Cabinetry is Popular
Similar in attributes, stainless steel cabinetry is gaining popularity in weather-sensitive, outdoor living applications. Consistently specified by restaurant designers for commercial kitchen surfaces where durability and easy-to-clean performance has been critical for food preparation areas, stainless steel now is being fabricated into cabinetry by Danver – made in America in Wallingford Connecticut. For many consumers, not just any plain silver grey finish will suffice and responding to that demand, Danver has introduced coated stainless steel doors in designer color finishes including wood grain patterns that now provide homeowners with outdoor kitchens that feature every convenience of traditional interior environments.


Cellular PVC Pergola Outdoor Kitchen View 1 Canopy retracted

Walpole Outdoors Pergola

Social Cooking and Living Life Inside-Out
Recently the kitchen has become a room for communal activity, as food preparation and bartending bring people together in social gatherings and at parties. Today’s outdoor kitchen has followed suit, expanding far beyond the lone barbeque grill with appliances such as the Evo cooktop that connect multiple cooks and dining audiences to engage in social cooking experiences out-of-doors.

In an effort to enjoy outdoor living through all four seasons, homeowners are seeking greater year-round shelter from nature’s elements. Walpole Outdoors pergolas are an attractive choice among renovators and come in a variety of colors applied to easy-to-maintain cellular PVC available in convenient, ready to assemble kits and with retractable ceiling screens.

Sometimes Only Real Wood Will Do
When it comes to curb appeal, homeowners are making high impact home fashion trend statements with simple replacements of their front doors — increasing their homes’ energy efficiency, while setting architectural style highlights at their guests’ first point of contact when they visit.

Masonite Torrefied Door

Masonite Torrefied Door

While fiberglass and steel doors remain popular choices, some homeowners demand the authentic aesthetics that only real wood doors provide. Yet, wood doors traditionally have inherent maintenance costs that restrict greater audience acceptance. Not anymore. The collection of Masonite Torrefied doors are fabricated through a process that actually heats the door during manufacturing, increasing its resistance to natural rot, weather and termites. What’s more and as an added bonus, the doors take on an attractive toasty brown finish that accentuates natural graining patterns.

“Ultimately, consumers need to be aware of the industry’s leanings towards renovating and upgrading existing space,” states Kleber. “In coming years, smart homeowners will undoubtedly experience a significant return on investment for the improvements they’re making now.”



Kleber & Associates is an Atlanta-based integrated marketing communications agency serving the home and building products industry for 25 years. Visit the Kleber & Associates website for the latest news and information about marketing for home and building products for consumers, architects, builders, remodelers, designers and manufacturers. Through our marketing, advertising, public relations and digital marketing expertise — we build better brands that build a better home.

2014 AIA Convention – Highlights from Kleber & Associates

2014 AIA Convention: Chicago, IL
For the first stop on the agency’s summer road tour, Kleber & Associates was back in Chicago for the 2014 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention and Expo. This year’s theme was “purpose” — a challenge to industry professionals in attendance to exercise leadership and engage the public to design a more sustainable world. With over 450 convention programs and nearly 800 exhibitors, the AIA Convention and Expo featured various specialty pavilions with a focus on concrete, stone and tile, composites, lighting, metals, software and technology, wood and sustainable energy.  At the center of the Convention and Expo was continuing education- a chance for architects to earn as many CEU credits as possible throughout the three day event.

Companies such as Feeney, Inc., Residential Elevators, ClimateMaster, Cardinal Shower Enclosures, Dri-Design, Old Castle Architecture and Earthcore were among the exhibitors displaying stand-out products for unique design and sustainable living.

Feeney, Inc. LED Rail Light Kits for DesignRail

Feeney, Inc. LED Rail Light Kits for DesignRail

Feeney, Inc.
Feeney, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel and aluminum architectural products and railing systems, featured LED Rail Light Kits for it’s DesignRail® line of aluminum railing. Functional as both an outdoor lighting accent and a visual aid for low-light areas, the new LED Rail Light Kits are the latest addition to Feeney’s popular DesignRail®. The warm white LED light is designed to recess into the underside of the top and bottom rails of DesignRail® railing systems, while the snap-on frosted lens evenly diffuses light over outdoor porch and deck areas. The new LED Rail Light Kits are available in two sizes, a 21 inch length and a 32 inch length, providing fuller light distribution than systems using smaller lighting components. Power Kits (required for installation) include either  35 , 60, or 96 watt 24 volt drivers. The new LED Rail Light Kits blend high-style design with the latest technology.

Residential Elevators
Elevating the standard of living, Residential Elevators, Inc. (REI) highlighted various options for in-home elevator systems, including the Luxury Lift LLT 950- Variable speed traction residential elevator. Quiet, smooth and reliable, the advanced system provides dependable vertical transportation in the home. The benefit of the Luxury Lift Traction Elevation is that REI has developed a technology without the need for a dedicated machine room, saving square footage in the home.

For more than 50 years, ClimateMaster has serviced the needs of the commercial and residential construction industry worldwide with a comprehensive line of water source and geothermal heat pumps. A geothermal heat pump is an electrically powered device that uses the natural heat storage ability of the earth and/or the earth’s groundwater to raise or lower the temperature of a heating/cooling medium.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures
Cardinal Shower Enclosures featured a wide-array of both sliding door and swing door enclosures, for both residential and commercial applications. The Skyline Series sliding door enclosure made a bold impression, with large exposed wheels holding the sliding door. Available in both 3/8-inch and ½-inch glass, and with three or four wheels. Much like the increasing trend of interior “barn-style” doors, the Skyline Series is sure to fit the bill for design elegance in the home, as well as luxury commercial spaces, such as hotels and resorts.

Dri-Design’s meticulous engineering has developed a 100 percent recyclable, pressure equalized rain-screen and architectural metal wall panel system that attaches to nearly any substrate without the use of clips or extrusions. A one-of-a-kind standout at the show was Dri-Design’s architectural panels with imaging technology. Using a variety of custom perforations to create images, Dri-Design imaging makes a strong architectural statement.

OldCastle Image - LM

Oldcastle Architect
Brand new from Oldcastle® is InsulTech™, an insulated concrete masonry system. InsulTech ICMS is a complete thermally broken insulated masonry process which includes a full complement of masonry units. The new product offers high thermal efficiency in an innovative design, combining a pre-assembled structural masonry unit, molded EPS insulation insert and thin veneer face.

IsoKern Image - LM

Isokern is always an eye-catcher in the industry. Developing products that promote a clean environment, the Isokern GreenTech Solution from Earthcore reduces particulate emissions by up to 80 percent and is the first modular masonry fireplace to qualify under the EPA Voluntary Wood-Burning Fireplace Program. The GreenTech Solution can be easily installed in a matter of minutes by adding their exclusive Catalytic Combustor to any Isokern Magnum or Standard Series fireplace.



Kleber & Associates is an Atlanta-based integrated marketing communications agency serving the home and building products industry for 25 years. Visit the Kleber & Associates website for the latest news and information about marketing for home and building products for consumers, architects, builders, remodelers, designers and manufacturers. Through our marketing, advertising, public relations and digital marketing expertise — we build better brands that build a better home.

Residential Remodeling Renaissance Reveals New Trends for 2014

With the recovery of the economy, homeowners are now choosing to invest in upgrading or renewing their homes, with a particular emphasis on kitchen, bath and outdoor living spaces. According to a recentRonbow vanity Hanley Wood Survey, remodeling sales were up 10 percent, and about half of the surveyed remodelers agreed that 2014 will see continued, steady growth. This “renaissance” reveals a wide range of new home and building products trends, some aspirational, others practical and down to earth.

Green Construction, Aging-In-Place Design and Universal Design
Once considered the latest trends in residential remodeling and new construction — green construction, aging-in-place and universal design are no longer advanced thinking. Rather, these concepts are now firmly rooted in conventional wisdom. Advancement is due to increased consumer demand and better-educated, more conscientious home and building professionals, making green construction, aging-in-place and universal design now foundational architectural principles that few building projects ignore.

Craig Webb, editor-in-chief of Remodeling Magazine, said, “Manufacturers and builders are constantly getting greener and greener in the way they source materials and put up homes.”  As a result, “Energy efficiency is becoming an assumption, not an add-on.”  Recent estimates indicate that annual expenditures on green home building in the United States are approximately $36 billion, and that number is expected to double by 2016. New trends continue to develop within these disciplines at a rapid pace, let’s consider a few. Read more…

Top 5 Tips to Pitch Your Products to Trade Publications

Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here are the latest tips on pitching to trade publications: 

What are your favorite trade pubs and media outlets to peruse each month – Architect, Remodeling, Custom Home, LBM Journal or Professional Deck Builder? More than just great reads, trade publications are one of the most important public relations tools for home and building products and professionals. They are the perfect vehicle to reach a very focused target audience. That’s why many of our media efforts involve working with trade publications relevant to our industry.

Trade publications and a vast array of  other media outlets provide excellent opportunities for us to showcase the benefits and features of our clients’ products. Here are a few tips we follow that can help you secure coverage in trade publications: Read more…

Top 10 Products At IBS/KBIS 2014


Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on  the Top 10 Poducts At IBS/KBIS 2014



Affectionately known as the “grandfather” of all the building professional trade shows, the International Builders Show (IBS) welcomed a new partner to the mix in 2014 with great results. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), usually held in April, co-located with IBS for the first time in both the show’s storied histories with a renewed emphasis on design and construction. The combined show proved to be a hit in terms of attendance – preliminary estimates place the number at 75,000. Also, professionals had a rare chance to learn about design philosophy along with building products for an enhanced learning experience. Speaking of products, this year’s IBS-KBIS delivered. With more than 650,000 square feet of exhibitor space, companies were rolling out their latest and greatest for an eager crowd ready to “get back to business” in 2014.

So which ones stood out? We offer our top 10 favorites below. Read more…

New Building Products Designed to Match a Variety of Home Architectural Styles

Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on New Building Products Designed to Match a Variety of Home Architectural Styles


Is your home easily identifiable as a cottage, contemporary or traditional style home? Many Americans search far and wide to find the perfect family home, sometimes even going the extra mile to custom build their own home. Typically, instead of building a conventional ranch or two-story home, today’s discriminating homeowner prefers to own a home with a distinct, identifiable architectural style. Home and building product manufacturers design products to be versatile–easily matching a variety of architectural styles knowing that homeowners, builders and architects will only purchase precisely the right product to match the style of their home.


Design Versatility on the Exterior

CableRail by Feeney

CableRail by Feeney, Inc

CableRail, by Feeney, Inc.
Consider the company, CableRail, by Feeney, Inc., for example. Stylistically versatile, the CableRail design offers an innovative railing solution that creates an appealing design aesthetic on a myriad of architectural styles from contemporary to cottage to period homes, whether truly old or new construction. The clean, finished look of these strong but slender cables is enhanced by special end fittings that are easily concealed into wood or metal posts. The result is a railing infill that is not only durable and attractive; but virtually invisible, creating an unimpaired view. Feeney cables and components are suited to residential, commercial and institutional railing applications and offer a low maintenance, environmentally friendly and visually unobtrusive alternative to commonly used wooden or metal picket infill. For more information, visit www.feeneyinc.com


Nichiha Fiber Cement Siding Products


Nichiha Fiber Cement Siding Products
Searching for modern day technology but love the look of traditional exterior home materials? Nichiha fiber cement products will have your neighbors wondering why you don’t have to maintain the exterior of your house every few years, and leave you with the satisfaction of knowing why.  With easy-install fiber cement siding for the outside of your home, Nichiha offers sleek block, stacked-stone and faux-brick fiber cement panels.

Going for the modern look on your home? Nichiha offers several products that align with modern design like the Illumination Series, Architectural Block, or Empire Block. Do you need an updated remedy for decaying cedar, wood, or shake? The no-fuss but realistic design of Nichiha’s Sierra Premium Shake, Vintage Wood or NichiFrontier marry new technology with authenticity for your cottage or traditional styled home. Offering several products that work well with pre-existing architectural designs or bringing life to new modern design, Nichiha is capable of achieving a striking appearance to match any architectural style. For more information, visit www.nichiha.com

Hy-Lite Acrylic Block Windows Exterior Entrance with Sidelites and Transom

Privacy Windows by Hy-Lite


Privacy Windows by Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company
Homeowners, architects, and home builders looking to add the perfect window in the perfect spot on a custom new home or in a home remodeling project, often turn to operable acrylic block and decorative glass privacy windows from Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company.

Providing value, stylistic versatility, natural light and fresh air, Hy-Lite privacy windows fit the bill for privacy in the bath, laundry or secluded area of any tastefully designed home. For more information, visit www.hy-lite.com




Design Versatility on the InteriorFIREPLACE_AO_COLONIALx - small

Wood Ceiling Systems by WoodTrac
Interior design is another area where homeowners seek to carefully select new products that will enhance, complement, and blend with distinctive architectural styling. The WoodTrac™ Ceiling System by Sauder offers multiple wood ceiling panel styles, colors and molding profiles enabling homeowners to customize to match the architectural style of the home or space.

These WoodTrac wood ceiling systems not only provide design flexibility and beautify; they meet stringent (FSC) Chain-of-Custody Certification requirements, as well. For more information, visit www.woodtrac.com


Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry

Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry

Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry
Another example of stylish design suited for any home comes from Danver, a leader in stainless steel cabinetry. Whether you’re searching for an entire outdoor kitchen unit or just a fresh take on cabinets for your indoor kitchen, Danver has you covered. With the powder-coated stainless steel cabinets that come in a wide variety of colors, door styles and finishes, Danver suits any style of home. The stainless steel cabinets from Danver offer durability, and easy installation, as well.

It’s no doubt that stainless steel cabinets evoke more of a modern and industrial look to a kitchen, and if that’s the look you’re going for, then look no further than Danver. The color and texture possibilities of Danver cabinets can give an existing kitchen a gorgeous face-lift. Danver cabinets have the ability to be painted in many attractive finishes from a standard color chart, or can be customized to suit your desired look.

If your home interior design is traditional, you may prefer Danver’s faux-wood finishes. The innovative faux-wood finish is an Italian painting process that transfers realistic grain imprints onto stainless steel, providing an authentic wood look. The faux-wood finishes make a rich statement on cabinet door inlays, and when surrounded by coated stainless steel, mix traditional and modern motifs in your kitchen décor. For more information, visit www.danver.com

Designing a custom new cottage, contemporary, traditional, prairie or log cabin style home? Or, are you expanding or renovating your cherished family home and looking for that perfect door, pergola or railing system to match the style?  Take a look at the products, visit the websites and see if you find the interior design or exterior home product you’ve been shopping for to match your distinctive home style.


Kleber & Associates is an Atlanta-based integrated marketing communications agency serving the home and building products industry for 25 years. Visit the Kleber & Associates website for the latest news and information about marketing for home and building products for consumers, architects, builders, remodelers, designers and manufacturers. Through our marketing, advertising, public relations and digital marketing expertise — we build better brands that build a better home.

Universal Bathroom Design: Flip the Formula — Let the Vanity Set the Style

Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Universal Bathroom Design

Universal and accessible bathroom design is here to stay – a reality remodelers and new home construction companies are embracing with gusto! For those who aren’t familiar with universal design, think of it as “forward-thinking” design that encompasses accessibility, flexibility and sensitivity to the spatial needs of everyone regardless of age or functionality. Touch, feel, lighting, texture, sight and navigation play a prominent role in universal design because we rely on our senses more as we age. If our vision blurs, touch becomes critical–influencing other design details such as fixture handle shape. That’s what universal design is all about – realistically planning for the future and making our bathrooms work for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Read more…

Fall Remodeling Projects With Nichiha Fiber Cement

architectural_block The fall season is officially upon us, which means leaves are changing colors and homeowners are scheduling remodeling projects ahead of the cold weather. Replacing siding is popular due to the high ROI associated with the project. New siding can also help people weatherproof their homes while increasing curb appeal. There are several materials to choose from, including fiber cement.

Fiber cement siding is built to last for decades with little to no maintenance. Unlike wood, this material is termite-resistant and won’t rot due to moisture. Fiber cement also offers better fire protection due to its composition. Nichiha U.S.A., a leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding and cladding, makes several residential products that contain more than 50 percent recycled content and are backed by industry-best warranties. Read more…