The Barn: Four News Reader Options to Help Get Your Team Organized, Educated in 2015

Here in the barn, we’re always testing out the latest and greatest apps and websites that help put technology to work for our clients and associates.  One subject that comes up this time of year is managing the seemingly endless flow of content we receive through emails, newsletters and websites. According to the popular website, more than 94,000 news articles are posted to the web on a given day.   Throw in the free templates, ebooks, white papers and other content vehicles available, the process of categorizing and consuming worthy information is a major challenge. If you’re not on top of this stream, it can quickly become an out of control fire hose.

As you start out the New Year, we’ve listed below a few apps and websites we frequent to help corral the content monster here at Kleber & Associates.  Each offers their own advantages and approach – take a quick spin and see if one is right for you.  While the tried and true RSS feed remains a popular option, we enjoy the slick interface and “magazine” feel these programs offer. Using the same RSS technology, we find them easier to read, share and view on your mobile device.  As a marketing professional, think about using these readers across your entire team and with sales as well – if everyone is eating from the same tree, you’ll be amazed at the alignment.

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Happy Reading!

NewsBlur may look familiar to old Google Reader users – the interface is a near carbon copy to the popular service Google shuttered in July of 2013. NewsBlur can categorize blogs, websites and other feeds with a simple filing system that doubles as your navigation menu. When Google Reader first closed, NewsBlur was inundated with new users and had to cap new users.  Free accounts are capped at a set number of follows but the paid service is more than reasonable for unlimited sites.

The demise of Google Reader sent a shockwave across the internet.  In its place, Feedly quickly rose to the top thanks to a simple navigation menu and powerful search function.  We are big fans of the Feedly browser extensions which make sharing and archiving articles a cinch.

In terms of presentation, FlipBoard is our top pick with smooth animations and true magazine look/feel. Much like the other readers, FlipBoard offers a massive cross-section of topics where you can store personal and professional articles in one program. FlipBoard really shines on a tablet device.

Pulse is a little unique in that it uses a proprietary content engine to find and elevate news articles based on your given interests. Windows 8 users will find comfort in the program’s tile organization versus a running list – it’s a cool effect that looks amazing on a mobile device.

Marketing Home Products: Febreze’s Road to the Billion Dollar Club

Morning coffee

How did Febreze join the “$1 Billion Club,” noting the company’s recent success according to the Wall Street Journal? While the declension in the housing market brought a lot of home products down with it, certain small aspects of daily home life are, in fact, flourishing. Febreze has managed to prosper during a stark decline in the industry, which has some people in the field scratching their heads. What caused the trend? Some experts suggest that more people are spending more time in their homes as a way to save money; as part of the aftermath of the recession. As a result, it has become increasingly important for families to eat out less, drive less and spend less time shopping. Still, data suggests that people will splurge from time to time, just not in the same ways they used to.

Many families have started to spend their money on accessories for the home, giving reason as to why Febreze defied market trends with its profit gains. It is perfectly reasonable that a family which spends most evenings indoors will want a home to look, feel and (as we’re seeing now) smell nice. The recent movement to all things green may have played a role, as well, as Febreze has been effectively labeled as a green product; simple and clean. Regardless of what the future holds for Febreze, businesses and consumers should take note that new consumer trends are reshaping industries in unexpected ways. In light of that, we have assembled a comprehensive guide for appealing to different consumers. Read more…

Is Your Pitch Perfect? Take Steps to Elevate Your Brand and Pitch

You know the story. When two or more entrepreneurial businesspeople source a new concept and decide they want to launch it together, they start a company. When it comes to naming it, there can be some back and forth, but eventually a name is Businesspeople Communicating In Elevatordecided upon. Next a logo and a tagline are developed, followed by a unique value proposition. As the business grows it becomes more than a name, it evolves into a brand. In the home and building PR channel, our brand is our promise. It’s our personality and reputation. It’s how we do business, how we come across on the phone, online or in a conference room. It’s even how our employees behave in their “free” time.

Your logo, employees, activities, press releases, web site copy, tagline and tweets are all parts of your company’s personality that conveys a consistent message. Your brand/persona become words to live by in order for their messages to receive merit. Are you working on a pitch that communicates exactly who you are as a brand, and who you aspire to be? You can create a brand promise, illustrated with a pitch that uniquely and succinctly portrays your brand in the marketplace. Few companies can say they are the newest, oldest, or best in class… however, with a heavy dose of ingenuity and some of that entrepreneurial spirit — it is possible to create a brand that resonates and competes. Read more…

Kleber & Associates Named New Agency of Record for Georgia Pacific Gypsum

Kleber & Associates has been named as an advertising agency of record for Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC and will support the brand’s global marketing initiatives through multiple product promotions. Kleber & Associates will manage creative Georgia-Pacific-Gypsum_2014_Kleber-and-Associates-Public-Relations-Advertisingadvertising, media planning, account strategy and digital execution for the award-winning Dens® family of premium fiberglass mat gypsum panels, including DensGlass® Sheathing and Shaftliner, DensArmor Plus® Interior Panels, DensDeck® Roof Boards and DensShield® Tile Backer, as well as the broad array of paper-faced interior drywall products in the ToughRock® Gypsum Board portfolio.

“With Kleber & Associates, we found an integrated marketing agency that has extensive category experience within the construction and building products industry and demonstrates the ability to provide fresh, breakthrough creative ideas designed to help drive our business,” said Mike McCoy, vice president of marketing and commercial roofing for Georgia-Pacific Gypsum.

According to Steve Kleber, the opportunity to partner with a division of an iconic Atlanta corporation like Georgia-Pacific is the culmination of hard work and perseverance. “Growing up in Atlanta, I was always aware of Georgia-Pacific’s role as an important business and community leader, while its headquarters has been an integral part of the Atlanta skyline,” he said. “It is a unique pleasure and responsibility to be in a marketing partnership with such an important part of the company.”


Kleber & Associates is an Atlanta-based integrated marketing communications agency serving the home and building products industry for 25 years. Visit the Kleber & Associates website for the latest news and information about marketing for home and building products for consumers, architects, builders, remodelers, designers and manufacturers. Through our marketing, advertising, public relations and digital marketing expertise — we build better brands that build a better home.

YouTube Videos Enhance Digital Marketing

YouTube used to be a venue for sharing videos with family and friends or to feature crazy comedy sketches.  Today, marketers are all over YouTube using it to their advantage. In fact, YouTube is so popular and serves so many digital advertising functions, its ranked number 2 on top search engines. We still use YouTube to post comedy sketches, but YouTube has now become a competitive platform for businesses to build, brand and market their companies.Untitled

Some companies use YouTube to demonstrate tutorials, present Frequently Asked Questions, discuss reviews, juxtapose before and after home renovations or show expert interviews. YouTube also provides important metrics in how many views the video received and how much user and viewer engagement is achieved. Read more…

Pinterest Promotions: New Ad Avenue for Home and Building Products

Pinterest has started offering paid ads on their site and allowing companies to pay for promotions, or upgrades to visibility, on their posts, or “Pins”. Many brands have already been allowed to test promoted pins and are heavily invested in this new way of marketing. Notwithstanding, challenges remain to be overcome, such as user response and proof of profitability.256px-Pinterest_Shiny_Icon.svg

Pinterest is a tool used to share and save bookmarks visually instead of in list format. Its primary use is as a visual discovery tool that can be employed to manage ideas, interests and projects. Users upload, sort, save and manage pictures as well as other forms of content on “pinboards”, Pinterest’s name for user created collections of content. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest has grown to have over 70 million users worldwide as of July 2013. Pinterest’s userbase consists of 83% women and 17% men and thus caters strongly to its mostly female user base in terms of features and layouts.

Read more…

Ad Tracking: Consumer Service or Breach of Privacy?



Have you ever felt as though advertisers are following you, as if they know what you’re interested in even before you do? As technology advances, so does the ability for companies to reach their consumers. This includes the sense that advertisers are looking over our shoulders. In a way it’s because they are, using Ad Tracking or the less frightening term “Interest Based Ads”.

For example, have you ever shopped for something on Amazon, then moved on to another webpage only to find ads similar to what you had just been shopping for? Google accumulates your search history and then using keywords identifies what ad opportunities may appeal to you. In this way they can attempt to predict what ads you will be most receptive to. This, in turn, benefits both the company (in this case Amazon) as well as Google, who Amazon pays to track and acquire your web history. However, Google then shares your data with other companies, as well. If you searched on Amazon for designer kitchen faucets, you can expect to see a few Delta faucet ad in the near future, in addition to other similar Amazon listings. In order to accomplish this, Delta Faucet has identified its keywords such as sink faucet, kitchen faucet, and other competitive words, which Google monitors along with your search history to help market ad-based products more effectively to you. So when you search on Amazon for a fancy faucet, you trigger both Amazon and Delta faucets keywords. Read more…

IKEA’s Klippbok, the Virtual Visualization App for Today’s Consumer

Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on IKEA’s Klippbok, virtual visualization inspiration so you can “try before you buy.”

Have you heard about IKEA’s cool Klippbok? Swedish for “scrap book,” the new website and iPad app allows users to create mood boards by dragging and dropping items onto a blank page. Mix and match different items to create the perfect room or experiment with different color swatches for the perfect sofa, Klippbok is a fun way to explore IKEA’s offerings. Best of all, it enables customers to imagine what different pieces of furniture and accessories would look like in their own homes. Read more…

Don’t Be a Monkey – How To Identify Your Next Social Media Move


Social media… the 300 pound gorilla in the room that generates questions such as “why aren’t we doing more with this?” and “shouldn’t we be on this platform?” Comments like “XYZ brand is on it – we’re falling behind!”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Participating in social media has evolved from a novel curiosity to standard procedure at a dizzying pace. In the home improvement and building products space, it has completely transformed content delivery to consumers.  Homeowners — armed with a laundry list of articles and an Ideabook on Houzz, packed with inspiration — expect brands to keep pace and to anticipate their specialized content consumption habits. Those companies who desire a seat at the table must remain ahead of the curve and deliver relevant content, seemingly on demand.

Read more…

Choosing the Best Indoor Projects to Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle

Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Choosing the Best Indoor Projects to Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle

Considering an indoor replacement or renovation project as the summer wraps up and we head into the fall? With an array of impressive new products on the market, it’s hard to decide which project to do next.  We’d like to help you make your decision by offering a few facts about how to choose the best indoor projects to enhance your home and lifestyle, based on return on investment (ROI) and popularity.

Hy-Lite DecoGuard Window

Hy-Lite DecoGuard Window

What is the average cost for today’s home improvement project? The residential and commercial construction industry experts at Hanley Wood say, “Within three months of a home purchase, 53% of buyers undertook a home improvement project. According to the 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences by the National Association of Realtors, the typical buyer spent $4,550 on various projects.”

When considering the ROI for different types of projects, the facts show that replacement projects actually offer a better ROI than renovation, as they are frequently less expensive and look terrific immediately. “If you get new windows, new siding and replace the front door, the house looks great. It sells faster and for more money,” says Sal Alfano, editorial director of Remodeling Magazine. Additionally, there may be replacement upgrades you will need to do should you list your house for sale, why not do them now and enjoy them yourself? Whether it’s a replacement or a renovation, the indoor projects home owners experience most satisfaction with are the ones they believe are the best investment, long term.

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that very few home improvement projects actually return full value upon resale. mentions the following three types of projects as having the best ROI: replacing exterior siding with fiber cement (av. cost $1,238, 73% ROI), a midrange attic bedroom remodel including bath with shower (av. cost $50,148, 72.5% ROI), and a midrange minor kitchen remodel (av. cost $19,588, 72.1% ROI).

Add Beauty to Your Indoor Living Space
For your next attic bedroom and bath remodel project, or your kitchen remodel project, consider the following beautiful products:


WoodTrac Ceiling

WoodTrac Ceilings. The WoodTrac® Ceiling System offers the look and feel of a custom crafted wood ceiling at an affordable price. The panels install over 9/16” or 15/16” suspended ceiling grid, allowing them to fit into most new or existing systems. There are four stock finishes to choose from, as well as three different molding profiles.

Feeney DesignRail. DesignRail® aluminum railing frame systems from Feeney are versatile and aesthetically distinctive. Made from high-strength 600-series aluminum, DesignRail is well-suited to any interior railing application and can be used with a variety of infill products.

Hy-Lite DecoGuard Window. The new decorative glass impact-resistant DecoGuard privacy window from Hy-Lite is available in a myriad of designs, and is a perfect choice for the special, design accent window in the kitchen, bath, living room or entry way. The DecoGuard privacy window provides the touch of luxury home owners love, as well as privacy and durability.

AqueductLED faucet by Altmans

Altmans Aqueduct LED Faucet

Altmans Aqueduct LED Faucet. Altmans new, affordable Aqueduct LED bathroom takes innovation to whole new level. The faucet generates its own power which means no batteries or plugs are required, so consumers know they are utilizing an energy efficient product. The high-end Aqueduct LED stimulates the LED to sense and signal water temperature. Unlike other units that have color presets, the Aqueduct’s LED temperature sensor can tell whether the water is cold or hot, and then changes the color accordingly.

Elmira Stove Works. Stunning Retro Appliances. Stunning lines and outstanding colors make Northstar appliances the perfect fit for retro, contemporary or modern kitchens. These appliances are loaded with the latest in 21st century technology; including every convenience and feature necessary for your style of cooking. Elmira Stove Works, with their Northstar collection of retro appliances, continues its commitment to innovative classics, combining the iconic look of 50’s style appliances with the modern amenities of contemporary appliances.

For more information about obtaining products for your next indoor home renovation project, please visit:

Kleber & Associates is an integrated marketing communications agency serving the home and building products industry for 25 years. Visit the Kleber & Associates website for the latest news and information about marketing for home and building products for consumers, architects, builders, remodelers, designers and manufacturers. Through our marketing, advertising, public relations and digital marketing expertise — we build better brands that build a better home.