Biophilic Altmans Shower Fixture Offers Multi-sensory Waterfall Effect

Striking new products from Altmans introduce a whole new realm of possibility for applying biophilic design principles to bathroom fixture design. Does your picture of an attractive bath product, such as a faucet or handle, elicit a multi-sensory response? Probably not without an element of biophilic design in the styling! Biophilic design elements provide consumers with a connection to the living, organic elements of nature through sight, touch, and sound. Like trends toward aging in place bathroom remodeling, biophilic design meets a need in today’s culture.

Consider this Altmans Aqueduct that provides a multi-sensory biophilic waterfall-effect during the bathing and showering experience (photo on right). It takes showering to a new level of pleasure!

An Altmans' Shower Fixture Provides a Multi-Sensory Experience!

The Altmans Shower

Biophilic design theory has been best expressed by Harvard University conservationist E.O. Wilson, terming biophilic as the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms.  An article by the NIH says, “…the natural environment influences subconscious parts of the brain in ways that cannot easily be described.”

From the pleasant flow of a waterfall to the soothing feeling of rain shower, Altmans’ products are perfect for creating a captivating aesthetic and a unique bathing experience in your home.

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Image via Altmans Products

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