Attractive Nichiha LedgeStone System Controls Moisture

Controlling moisture is one of the most commonly encountered challenges when installing stone products, especially if you’re building or renovating in the summer. Nichiha’s new LedgeStone, part of the KuraStone Product family, eliminates this issue by incorporating a meticulously engineered rainscreen into the system, effectively managing air flow and moisture.

Nichiha Ledgestone

Ledgestone by Nichiha

The LedgeStone design embodies the classic elegance of stacked large stones and deep, rich textures; combined with a hidden clip system that facilitates a faster and more cost-effective installation process.

The LedgeStone system is the ideal option for builders due to its ease of installation, and popular with consumers seeking a stylish yet practical stone façade. For more information, please visit the Nichiha website.

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