2D Codes for everyone

Posted by Steve Kleber on Sep 10, 2010

It light of the recent launch of Shopkick, which I wrote about here just a few days ago, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the other mobile marketing options out there. I’ve talked before about 2D codes and how they’re changing mobile marketing.  Whether it’s on editorial pages or ad pages, printed 2D barcodes may be scanned by a camera-equipped phone once a free barcode reading device is installed. Barcodes can also be displayed in store windows to offer consumers discounts and special offers as they enter retail locations.

But what about those (yes, they’re still out there) with “Zach Morris” phones, who don’t have the ability to download apps?

Document management services like SNIPP use simple text messaging technology to allow users to access additional information about products along with coupons and promotions. The difference here is that users text a code to, say, SNIPP, and subsequently receive information either on their mobile phone or via e-mail. Users can also access everything they’ve “snipped” on snipp.com. This service can also be used on print ads or at retail locations, but instead of using a barcode you simply tell readers what code to text where. SNIPP is now used by Meredith Publications as well as People and ESPN magazine. SNIPP does work with a barcode scanner, but it isn’t necessary. Visit www.snipp.com and scroll to the bottom of the page to see how some manufacturers are using the service.

For companies looking for a more straightforward way to communicate with potential customers, send information and share promotions through mobile devices these scanner and texting services could be a better fit than Shopkick. There are no gimmicks like reward points involved, which gives the services a slightly higher level of sophistication. You may find that many customers don’t want to collect points…just information and discounts.

Be they old school or new school, phone-carrying customers of all kinds can now access their discounts and use them too.

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